SEgaigai Bush braai

Take our self—guiding trail into the Tswapong Hills, and listen to the forest come alive at dusk. Then return to the farm where dinner will be waiting. Watch a classic African movie whilst you eat, or take the opportunity to explore the tracks on the farm by night. The nocturnal animals aren’t all in the hills !


foraging the forests of palapye

The forests of the Tswapong Hills have long been a source of wild vegetables, fruits and edible insects for the Batswapong people.

Join us for a foraging expedition on foot. Learn how to prepare and cook your finds. Enjoy some dishes that you definitely won’t find on the menu of any tourist hotel !

An authentic culinary experience to remember.

Stay with us

Segaigai Farm welcomes you to the perfect outdoor getaway in Palapye, Botswana. Ideal for families, couples and large groups. We are your plug for things to do in Palapye!

Meet Me at Segaigai

We share our farm with the animals of the Tswapong Hills. Some live here all the time. Others come and go as they please from the surrounding forest. The farm supplies water, supplementary food and a safe refuge

The Owl

Hello ! My name is Bridget. I’m a Western Barn Owl.  

After I left my parents I started roosting in the rafters of the Segaigai Office. Then one day I tried to fly through a closed window. Ouch !

While I was getting better my friends here at the farm fed me on fresh chicken wrapped in dog hair. 

The Duiker

My name is Dennis. I’m a duiker, a small antelope about the size of a goat. I live on the farm all the time, and I spend most of each day dozing under a shady bush. But I’m always around at night. The fences are supposed to keep me in the bush and away from the vegetables, but I can jump over them easily enough. Beans are my favourite.

The Lizard

Dumela everyone ! My name is Leonora. I’m a rock monitor lizard. I’ve lived on the farm all my life.